New Book: Dragon Eggs

I am delighted that my latest book, Dragon Eggs, by Spartan Press is available through Flint Hills Books. Here is the link: It is also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I will be doing a few readings in the next two months to promote the book.

On December 10 at 8:00 p.m. I will read with Phyllis Becker and Pat Lawson as part of the Riverfront Reading Series. This event is free and on zoom.

I will also read at the Speakeasy on January 2 and the 8th Street Taproom on January 16. I will share more details on these reading when they are available.

The Sticky Note Alphabet on Ketchupedia Radio

Last night I had the privilege of speaking on Ketchupedia Radio. It was so much fun. I read several poems from my new book, The Sticky Note Alphabet. I shared a little bit of my writing process as well as part of my life story. You can listen to the radio show in the link above.

Photo Credit Polly Alice McCann

Videos from 2020

I haven’t posted here in awhile, so I thought I would share some of the things I have been working on. I recorded these videos last year since the in person readings I was scheduled to do were canceled because of COVID.

Local poet Beth Gulley explains how she uses poetry as a mindful way to escape negative headlines. In this video, she reads from her book $!*#hole Countries: A Find and Replace Meditation. She concludes with a poetry prompt. This video was originally intended to share with the Kansas Author’s Club.
I was invited to read at the Kansas City Kansas Public Library on April 25, 2020. Unfortunately, the event was canceled. The Riverfront Reading committee (organizers of the original event) invited me to create a video of the poems I had planed to read.


I am a mermaid in a spider web.
Permanently stuck. Out of place.
I glide through the water
when I am free,
but bow awkwardly
when caught in the tornado
of new situations.

My grandfather pushed the horizon.
Never staying long enough
to leave a footprint.
He passed down the wanderlust.
It shakes out of my hair
when I run.

I own it like I own all 5’7” of me
even when the chiropractor
tries to short me an inch.

Moving through space
is only one way to travel.
Sometimes I sit on the floor
With homeless children
And try to grow roots
in their hearts.
After all, as a mermaid stuck in a spider web
I know what it is like to feel lost,
recover, and then glisten in my new home.